Best Window Cleaner – Clean Windows Faster and Safer

For window cleaning, you need to search the best window cleaner. We do test for you and spend almost 200 hours to find out the best window cleaner on the market. In this review, we will discover you the professional and best window cleaning products, machine as well as company.

Best Window Cleaner Solution – Comparison Chart

Leifheit 51107LeifheitWhiteBestCheck
Karcher WV 50 PlusKarcherYellowAwesomeCheck
The Glider D-3Tyroler LtdGreenAwesomeCheck

Leifheit 51107 – Best Window Cleaner for Homes

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Leifheit 51107 Click System is one of the best window cleaners.  If you confuse finding what the best window cleaner tool is, we suggest you buy this professional tool that will get you streak-free shine. In this package, you will get a window washer, window vacuum, click system handle, 2 sided microfiber pad and recharge. It was made of metal and plastic respectively 60% and 40%.

The handle system will help you to reach the top part of the window without any ladder or support. Using powerful suction, you can draw off suds and water from surfaces which is smooth like the window; and that will help to keep water and suds out of frames of the window. To reach anywhere, there is build-in Leifheit Click System.

Leifheit 51107, the best window cleaner for the house, comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery which will access you to clean windows effectively and save your time. There are 2 automated gears in the vacuum that helps to extend the battery capacity and power even more than others.

When it is flush against a surface, such as a window glass or any smooth surfaces, the full suction is activated by it’s own.

Leifheit Window Vac, the best window cleaner for tinted windows, is suitable for any smooth surfaces, mirrors, high windows, tiles or shower doors.

It is the best window cleaner solution for you if you are thinking to clean hard water spots from your window!

  • Note: Alternate handles, longer 56673 and joined 41522, is also available on market and sold separately.

Specifications at A Glance:

  • Manufacturer: Leifheit
  • Origin: China
  • Item Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.10″H x 12″W x 11.02″D
  • Quality: Best

Karcher WV 50 Plus – Best Window Cleaner No Streaks

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There is a question in the consumer mind that “what is the best window cleaner streak free?” Then, we suggest you choose Karcher WV 50 Plus which is the best window cleaner ever. You can buy the best window cleaner for outside surface and water spots.

It is the best window cleaner on the market which comes with an extra spray bottle. Without dripping any streaks, the cleaner product can work all smooth surfaces. It is very easy to use for the user. According to the customer reviews, we found it as the best window cleaner robot.

The time of wiping surfaces, there is no needed dripping dirty water. It cleans your window glass hygienically. Using it, you can clean window quickly and effectively. There is included wiper attachment, concentrated cleaning agent, microfiber pad and especially a spray bottle.

Specifications at A Glance:

  • Manufacturer: Standard Plumbing Supply-LG
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (Included)
  • Item Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 13 x 7.2 inches
  • Quality: Excellent

The Glider D-3 – Best Window Cleaner for Tinted Windows

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The Glider D-3 is the best window cleaner for cars glass and large exterior windows. There is a powerful magnet will hold both part of the glass. The specialty is that you can clean outside of the glass while staying in the room.

There are included 2 pieces microfiber cloths those are needed for scrubbing heavy dirt. Without missing the properties of high cleaning, the dirty microfiber cloth can be washed up to 300 times. It is the best window cleaner for hard water spots; that is used by professionals to clean smooth surface while staying in the room.

It is made with rare earth magnets, and the magnets are very powerful and lightweight. According to the best window cleaner consumer reports, it is considered as the best magnetic window cleaner for double glazed windows! You can clean windows on both sides where the thickness of the glass is up to 28 mm to 1.1 inches.

There are included natural rubber squeegees (4 pieces), microfiber cloths (2 pieces), string ring (6 foots), powerful earth magnet (4 pieces) and a separator (for storage).

The magnets which are used in this best window cleaner ever are really strong. This is very practical and professional product for cleaning any top surface or windows.

Specifications at A Glance:

  • Manufacturer: Tyroler Bright Tools
  • Origin: Israel
  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches
  • Quality: Awesome

10 Best glass cleaner for windows

Glass CleanerWeightBrandPerformancePrice
Windex Cleaner26 oz.WindexBestCheck
Sprayway Glass Cleaner19 oz.SpraywayBestCheck
Glass Plus Cleaner32 oz.Glass PlusBestCheck
Safelite Glass Cleaner19 oz.Safelite AutoGlassExcellentCheck
Signature Series Glass Cleaner16 oz. Chemical GuysExcellentCheck
Stoner 92194 Cleaner32 oz.StonerExcellentCheck
Better Life Glass Cleaner32 oz.Better LifeExcellentCheck
TriNova’s Glass Cleaner 18 oz.TriNovaExcellentCheck
Mrs. Meyer's Glass Cleaner24 oz.Mrs. Meyer's Clean DayGoodCheck
Method Glass Cleaner28 oz.MethodGoodCheck

1. Windex Window Cleaners

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When you are thinking to clean glass or mirror, Windex glass cleaner will be the best cleaning solution for you. It is very popular for a streak-free shine. There was used an angled tube that allows getting extra shine rather than another one.

  • Product Tips: Though, it is the best cleaning formula for windows and mirror. You also can use it for cleaning tiles, sealed marble, stainless steel, glass top stoves, glass frames, flint glass, Plexiglas, plastic, aluminum, sealed granite, UV-protected windows, bathroom fixture, lead glass, Lucite, vinyl and more.

2. Sprayway Glass Cleaner

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Sprayway is ammonia free glass cleaner that allows you to save your mirrors or window glass. It is one of the best streak-free formulae that doesn’t contain ozone depleting chemicals. For the fresh fragrance and light foaming action, the professional window cleaners love to use the product during cleaning time. For ensuring maximum cleaning versatility, Sprayway applies ammonia-free formula on the window cleaner.

  • Product Tips: Using the Sprayway glass cleaner, you should clean windows on a cloudy day. After applying the product on your glass surface, always try to use a dry pad or lint-free cloth or dry towel to wash the window. But, for free shine, you can use a coffee filter rather than lint-free cloth. The product works great for getting crystal shine not only window glass but also mirrors, glass tabletops, car windows and so on.

3. Glass Plus Glass Cleaner, Multi-Surface Glass Cleaner

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We listed the Glass Plus Glass Cleaner, because it works fast, light scent and easy to use. It is comparatively cheaper than other product, but works great! If you want to get streak free window at the cheaper price, then we suggest you get the glass cleaner. The smell of the product is not too overwhelming to use.

  • Product Tips: The glass cleaner works the best for window, mirror and glass surfaces. It is also safe using on a computer screen, plexiglass, clear plastic, car window, and fiberglass. It isn’t difficult to use as well. Just you have to spray the cleaner on the affected area of the glass surface, then wipe it with dry pad or towel or microfiber cleaning cloth. Be careful, using the cleaner on a varnished surface; because it can damage the varnished area.

4. Method Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner

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This product was designed for cleanly glass or surface basically. It is eco-friendly cleaning product that has too much sensibility to your surround environment. It is considered one of the best home care product because of its high efficacy and eco-friendly manner.  Ingredients of the product are soda ash, corn alcohol, colorant, biodegradable surfactant, purified water, fragrance oil and potassium hydrate.

  • Product Tips: The product is used for not only cleaning window or glass but also cleaning home and your living spaces. It is very much suitable to use for any non-porous surfaces. The directions of using the product are very simple, like Spray – Wipe – Admire – Got Shine!

5. Safelite Glass Cleaner

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Safelite glass cleaner is excellent to use for windshields, mirrors and window glass surface. To dissolve soils using a clinging foam on the product. No dripping, no streaking, and no running are there! It deeply dissolves grit, grease, dirt, and grime and shines your window. The most important of the product is that is ammonia-free. The clean fresh fragrance ensures streakless shine.

  • Product Tips: Spray the product on the window surface, mirrors, glass surfaces, car surfaces and windshields to wipe off to wash dirt, smoke film, dust, fingerprints, lipstick, sticker and any common soils.

6. Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner

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Chemical Guys Signature Glass Cleaner will help you to get top quality results. The unique formula of the advance cleaners helps you to clean faster while repelling dust. By reducing static cling, it is a simple task to clean dirt from the glass surface. Where common window cleaners can’t clean properly and leave streaks even after cleaning, the chemical guys signature glass cleaner will help you to get the experience of crystal clear image of glass surface or windows. Ammonia-free is called the professional grade formula which helps you to get great cleanness of exterior and interior windows. It doesn’t spread any harsh smell that makes it healthy as well. It helps to achieve dirt free glass on RVs, car, motorcycle, truck and even boat.

  • Product Tips: It can be used not only household windows but also plastic windscreens, LCD televisions, computer screens and ever cell phone screens safely. You can get this product for commercial cleaning purpose as well. The cleaning solution is recommended by professional glass cleaner.

7. Mrs. Meyer’s Glass Cleaner, Lavender

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You may like Mayer’s glass cleaner for its professional level of quality and good smell. Like another chemical household cleaner, it doesn’t damage your skin and eyes. You will find it as much as professional like Windex. You will be impressed with the cleaner for it faster cleaning capacity. For leaving no streaks, you can choose the glass cleaner. If you are really looking for the eco-friendly and naturally clean, you can get the window cleaner.

  • Product Tips: For leaving sparkling for glass surface and getting a streak free shiny window, you may be the best window cleaner for you. It is totally preservative free cleaner that contains cranberry extract as well. Using the formula for doing your cleaning job, you can assure that will be safe for the environment and your home.

8. Stoner 92194 Invisible Glass Cleaner

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Invisible glass cleaner removes dirt, smudges, grease, fingerprints, pet slobber, smoke haze, and streaks from chrome surfaces, mirrors, auto glass, patio doors, household window and glass cook-tops. It is comparatively easier and faster window shiner. It is free from dyes, scents, soaps and other additives that ensure you not leaving any residues on the window surface. So the superior cleaning power, ammonia free and clear dry formula makes the Stoner 981947 invisible glass cleaner top of our recommendation.

  • Product Tips: Clean your window on a cloudy day or proper shade because sunlight can generate an extreme level of heating that will be damaged window surface and affected by glass shiny looking. It is not recommended to use paper towels that contain residues, and residues can be the cause of haze or streak. So, replacing the paper towels you can use lint cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth for better cleaning results. You should use proper wiping pattern; avoid round wiping pattern when wiping your glass and try to wash using ‘side by side’ or ‘up to down’ pattern.

9. Better Life Glass Cleaner

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Better Life Glass Cleaner is A-plus rated windows cleaning product that works for cleaning windows or glass surface in very professional manner. It works on stainless steel as well. If you are really keeping your house clean without using harsh chemicals, it is highly recommended product for you. This is very much eco-friendly and preservative free window cleaner which was made by some natural ingredients, such as coconut surfactant, purified water, and vegetable-based surfactant.

  • Product Tips: It specially formulated for reflective surfaces, window glass, and vehicle glass. It also works on acrylic, light fixtures, RVs glass, treated windows, plexiglass, and table-top glass. It is totally free from petroleum, alkylphenol surfactants and VOCs that help you to get eco-friendly window cleaning experience.

10. TriNova Glass Cleaner

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TriNova’s Glass Cleaner works for removing streaks, grime, dust, dirt, bugs, adhesives, sap, haze, and grease from your windows.  It is a true streak-free formula that helps to leave residues or streaks properly. Without leaving a trace on glass surface and window, it can clean up faster than others. Without any hassle, you can get shiny windows using the cleaner. It is cruelty-free window washer that doesn’t use animal testing as like as others.

  • Product Tips: The ultra-effective formula is very easy to use eliminating any dirt and grime from windows. It is residue free, streakless and very powerful window cleaner that is safe for your surrounding environment to use.

3 Best Squeegee for Window Cleaning

Product NameManufacturerExtension Pole WeightPrice
Super SqueegeeSC ChangYes1.9 poundsCheck
OXO Squeegee OXO Cook's ToolsNo0.4 poundCheck
Desired tools SqueegeeDesired toolsNo0.25 poundCheck

1. Best Window Cleaner Squeegee

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The quality squeegee is called all-purpose squeegee for wiping home windows, glass doors, car window and windshield and shower walls and tiles. People can use it as floor cleaner also. For providing extra comfort, there was used detachable and soft non-slip foam handle that is really ergonomics to use.

  • Inside Package: 1 squeegee and 2 replacement blades.

The size of squeegee is 10″ x 7″ that was made with solid ABS plastic which ensures you the durability of the product. The soft non-slip foam handle ensures you more comfort during the time of the cleaning. The weight of the squeegee is 4 oz. On the other hand, the size of the replacement blades which are attached to the package is 8″ x 1″. The blade was made of silicone to allow you the higher level of cleaning experience.

  • Note: There is provided 1-year quality assurance guarantee. If you feel you are not satisfied using the squeegee and you have any complain about the performance of the product, within 40 days you just reply through the shipping email address. They will contact you ASAP solving the issue.

The lightweight design of the squeegee allows you to use easily and after using store in even small spaces. To avoid loud squeaking noise during the cleaning time, there was used a silicone blade that ensures the level of standard and high quality. Interchangeable silicon blade saves your money, time as well as nature.

2. Super Squeegee – Best Floor Squeegee

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Super squeegee made for cleaning home windows, tiles, floors or doors that why it is considered as ALL in one washing or cleaning kit. It features with a scraper, microfiber scrubbing pads, and the art rubber blade. Though cutting time, it is able to cover the large surface quickly.

  • Tips: You can save you cleaning time to use the squeegee blade and microfiber scrubber connected together as like as the single tool. It will save your time by cleaning and be drying the surface at the same time. But if you want, you also can use the scrubber and the squeegee blade separately.

There was used Premium grade material to make the super squeegee to ensure the professional quality service. The most important matter of the product is it’s lightweight design that makes it easier to use and reach top surface. The oversized rubber blades make it simple to reach every corner of the window. To scrape off grime and dirt, there was used a curved metal scraper that holds on the rubber blade.

  • VALUE SET: 2 Super Squeegee and telescoping pole. The size of the large super squeegee is 13” and another one is 9”. The telescoping pole helps you reach the top surface up to 29” to 59”; that allows you to easily reach tall windows, higher corner of the surface, top part of the ceiling and more.

Advanced microfiber scrubbing pad helps you scrubbing the traps dirt gently without using any strong chemicals! You can save your money by using our squeegee though avoiding to buy the spray chemicals as well as paper towels. You can get professional cleaning just using soap and water for this purpose. We offer you machine washable, durable and replaceable microfiber pads.

3. OXO Good Grips Squeegee – Best Shower Squeegee for Glass

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The OXO all-purpose squeegee was designed to get professional cleaning service. It is also perfect to use on the curved surfaces. You can use it to wipe off mirrors, windows, shower doors, soapy shower doors, floor tiles and more. It is much flexible for all-purpose and you can use it on the corner of the surfaces. While using it, you will feel so comfortable; and handle nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand without slipping.

  • Tips: Sometimes you may see that the suction cup of the squeegee loses its structure or sharp. Don’t need to worry. You can regain its’ shape by using a simple technique. You need to put the suction cup in the boiling water for only 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, keep it up and dry it properly. Then you’ll see your suction cup is ready to use once again.

The squeegee handle is egg-shaped with smooth grip. Because of the smooth grip, you can use it comfortably for cleaning any household surfaces. For easy storage, you can use the rotating hook to minimize the size of the blade. For streak-free drying, smooth cleaning and resistance-free swiping, the blade was designed with windshield shape.

4. Ettore 59816 Auto Squeegee – Best Car Window Squeegee

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Now we are talking about automotive squeegee, the name of the squeegee is ‘Auto squeegee’. It scrubber head was made for cleaning boats and window glass surfaces. It automotive head was made of nylon netting for that bug, pollen, and dirt easy to removal. Though it has an 8-inch metal head, it lightweight. Its handle was made of classic wood and it has 16-inch length handle for easy to reach upper places.

The auto squeegee blade was made of rubber which giving you better window clean experience. This rubber blade is durable. Its head’s scrubs dried stains. The main feature is ‘streak-free’ auto squeegee. Because it has rubber blade and wood made the handle.

5. Rubbermaid Squeegee – Best Shower Door Squeegee

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We may like the back of our hand with various kinds of squeegees. This one is special for floor cleaning, but it also works perfectly for washing glass as well as the window. This floor squeegee’s has dual rubber blade; it removes moss. The squeegee’s handle was made of tapered. It is 22 inches long, 3 inches wide, high: 4.5 inches and weight: 0.66 pounds. The squeegee was made in ‘Belgium’.

6. Soft-N-Dry T-Bar Blade Squeegee – Best Squeegee for Car Windows

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You can apply this squeegee blade on windows, mirrors, countertops, and shower doors; but you can’t use this blade on curvy surfaces. You can use it on your car for riding the car windows before pulling out drive anywhere. Whenever you drive, you can see that vehicle’s back window will not clear for water drops, you can use the water-blade. It can be dried your playground equipment.

  • Featuring: The product come from a popular brand, is called ‘One Pass Water Blade’. The package comes with an 11-inch blade which was made of silicone. You will also get a T-bar edge with the package.

You can save your times 15x using the water-blade rather than using terrycloth towels. You are able to remove up to 90% water drop from the surface with this tool. It is specially made for using the flat surface, small car, and home windows.

  • Warning: You can’t use the squeegee on curved surfaces as well as the top window. Cause, it was made without the feature of the high pole. If you are looking for commercial cleaning purpose or washing the top windows, the water-blade squeegee is not appropriate for you.

7. Cleret iDO 2 – Best Squeegee Glass Shower Door

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We are going to introduce the best squeegee which won the highly prestigious prize, is called ‘Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection’. The squeegee is stylish, stressing design and lightweight. Shower floor can be damaged by using the heavy squeegee. So, this one is useful in the sense of preventing flood damage. If you want fast swipe, you can purchase this dual wiping blades squeegee. You will use this squeegee both flat and curve surface. This blade is super flexible; for that, you will able to clean any kind of surface.

  • Featuring: Dual wiping is efficient for cleaning because of the size is 12”.This squeegee is lightweight and it weighs is only 3.9 oz. You will get one wall-mounted holder which helps you to get best smooth surfaces.

The squeegee’s all of the parts are rust proof. Wall-mounted holder’s have extra facilities that is sticky and perpetual. In case, you may need to change your adhesive, you will do it easily. The squeegee is prevented your bathroom from hideous. It is the perfect tool which ensures you that hygienic bathroom. You will use the squeegee after bathing. Within one sentence, we want to inform you about the product that is ‘This squeegee’s has all tools in the package’.

  • Note: The squeegee’s company gives you a one wall hanger with this package; so when you open this package, you will find it. But carefully, it will be wrapped with the squeegee, but not so strongly.

8. FURemover Broom – Best Garage Floor Squeegee

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We are going to talk about an idiomatic broom which was made by bristles from natural rubber. It has extended handle which will help you to clean extra large windows. The broom’s handle looks like as telescope. When you will use it, you will be safe from hygiene. Soft bristles help you to clean easily on the surface. The broom removes dust like fur, lint, hair, dirt from clothing, carpet, and upholstery. You able to use the broom squeegee on hardwood floors, clean cars, and boats. Wet floors and cars are cleaned by the broom effectively. Considering the uses of the product, it is popular as the multi-purpose squeegee.

  • Featuring: It has super drying power with 12 inches blade and handle’s extends (size: 6’). For this big blade, you can clean fast and dry a large area with a single pull. Natural rubber blade allows you save time from extra mops. The squeegee’s have the remove-able head so that it can store anywhere easily. You will be able to use it outdoors, such as garage floor and potions.

Now, no need to be tall for clean your large windows, because this squeegee’s have extends handle which helps you to clean large windows without using any other tools. By using this bloom you will clean flat and curve floor. The extra large blade will help you to clean fast; it allows you high reached cleaning. You will able to use the bloom squeegee to dry bathroom floor, glass shower door, and kitchen surface. After using the bloom, just remove the head from the bloom and store it easily.

  • Note: The bloom squeegee’s has a remove able head. Probably, you have a question, how to remove the head from squeegee? Here is the answer; just pushes the end off the handle, and rotates the squeegee’s handle till loose. You have to turn clockwise for an opening head. When your work will be done, turn rolling and attach it. This squeegee’s head was designed very technically for that, the head will not divide when using.

3 Best Sponge for Cleaning Window

Product NameBrandPerformance Price
Scotch-Brite SpongeScotch-Brite High Check
O-Cedar SpongeO-Cedar High Check
Mr. Clean SpongeMr. Clean High Check

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Best Sponges for Dishes

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All the time, you want to keep your home neat and clean.  Probably, you are searching for a product which will help you to get extra clean on the surface. We are talking about ‘Mr. clean magic eraser’.  If offers you 3x extra cleaning power in every swipe. By using the sponge, you will able to clean dirt without using chemicals. It will secure you from grime and reaches into every groove. Naturally, women become tense about that how to get rid of dirty tile grout, tub grime, crayon on the wall, rusty drain and kitchen. By using the sponge, you will get rid of these things. You can also use it for cleaning your grill gate and wood furniture. It gives you long-lasting freshness.

  • Featuring: This powerful sponge has 50% strong cleaning power. In case, you can clean your oven and greasy kitchen. It is like the back of my hand as a magic eraser. It will be kept away your stress in a magical way.

The sponge is able to remove, tough dirt inside and out, rust with kitchen appliances, oven’s steel and tiles. By using this sponge, you may feel easy to do great clean, though dirt your kitchen or something else. It easy to use; you just have to wet the sponge, out excess water and turn your hand on dirt place. Sometimes, your children can do crayon on wall and tallies; you must be needed to give attention to the cleanness of your home. All will be cleaned as before and it cleans germs also. Suppose, you cook for your family in the kitchen; for that reason, the kitchen will grease by baking something. You need removing grease through the sponge, and after using it you feel much comfortable surely. Bathroom tub, tile, and rusty drain are cleaned by sponge effectively. The sponge will help you to feel your home cozy.

  • Warning: Before you use the sponge, just check it on a small area.  From the company, safety warning to you that you can’t use the sponge on the following surfaces: dark, stainless steel, satin, brushed, faux, polished wood, stainless steel, non-stick coating, high gloss, and vehicle.

2. Scotch Brite – Best Sponge Holder

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You usually wash your dish with soap and boil water to clean them, but now no need to do this. Because we are going to introduce you ‘Heavy duty scrub sponge’.  The sponge is number 1 scrub sponge in America according to a large number of sale. It removes dirt 50% faster from other sponges. You can call this sponge to the leader of household cleaning. Using this sponge you can clean the garage, kitchen appliances and outdoors as well. By using the sponge, you can keep the tip-top shape of your home and garage.

  • Warning: you can’t use the scrub sponge on the non-stick surface.

3. O-Cedar Best Sponge Mop

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Are you searching for a multi-use scrub sponge? Here, we are going to inform you one of the best multi scrub sponge that is called ‘O-cedar multi-use scrunge scrub sponge’.  The sponge has scrubber side. It offers you scratch free mop and rinse-fresh technology. After using, the sponge won’t smell at all. It is durable sponge which giving you 20% longer mop from regular sponges. The company recommended you that this sponge is special for the rippled, Teflon, no-scratch surface.

4. Oh My Clean – Sponge Cleaner

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Every day you have to clean your home, kitchen, bathroom to keep safe from grime. So, probably you need a durable sponge. We are presenting to you a product that is ‘Oh my clean’. The sponge is 3x-extra stronger than any other sponge with 2x thick and you can use it multi-purpose. It has power scrubber and 3 layers swell foam sponge. Professional cleaners use it and trust for its wonderful output. The company gives you 100% money back guarantee; if you do not find any usefulness. So, you can buy it without taking any risk.

  • Featuring: By using this sponge, you can able to remove ‘permanent’ Through the sponge, you can remove easily soap scum and grease. Its melamine foam sponges are giving you a new and smart way to clean your home. The sponge has faster cleaning power saving your valuable time.

When you will buy a sponge peck, often you face a problem is that sponges are tiny. But this sponge is extra large, durable and gives you long lasting cleanness. Sometimes, normal sponges are atrophy and asunder; but this one is thickest, so buy it now. You can use it easily, just add water and wipe. The 3 layers sponge gives you a clean textured surface. The 3 layer design for easy to reach the crevices and corner.

It offers you to get non-toxic and odor-free kitchen or bathroom. You can call it multi-purpose cleaner; because you can use it on your bathroom, walls, floors, car, sink, shoes, doors and kitchen. The ‘Oh my clean sponge’ gives you magical cleaning experience by removing all old mark on your sink and giving you a new white sink again. The sponges are not used only for home but also for the professional user.

5. Scrub-It Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge

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We are going to introduce you to a product that is ‘Scrub-it heavy duty scrub sponge’. You may know about many sponges, but this one is special for tough cellulose, non-scratch. It gives safety from bacteria and makes clean faster and easier. If you want to make your life easier then pick up it today.

  • Featuring: The durable sponge was made of wood cellulose. You will find two sides this sponge; one side is soft and on the other side is tough scouring pad. It was made of the natural material; so you can use it how much you want. It won’t spare bad smell in your kitchen. This company gives you 100% money back guarantee.

Day by day, your kitchen and bathroom are becoming tough dirt by using them. So, you can use this sponge; because it has tough scouring pad which helps you to clean tough dirt. By using it, burn dishes are also cleaned by you. Amazing scrubbing power saves your valuable time. You can use it for scrubbing pots, cleaning walls floors, dishwashing and work surfaces. On the other hand, you can use it on expensive glassware and non-stick pans. Because it gives you scratch free cleanness. The sponge is 100% biodegradable.

  • Note: The scrub sponge is special for cleaning tough dirt kitchen. It has viscose sponges which help to keep the clean bathroom, kitchen or car lasts for months. The company gives you money back guarantee. So, you can buy it without any hesitation.

10 Tips to Crystal Clean Your Windows

best window cleaner

Cleaning windows aren’t the really attractive task to do because almost all people don’t want to battle with hard streaks, dripping water or dirt.

The question is how you clean windows the most effective way. It will be the easy and effective way to follow the windows cleaning professionals. The professional window cleaners use different techniques to clean window; sometimes it’s also difficult to choose the best technique or method to get a streak free window.

Part 1 – Pre-clean window

Tips 1: Stubborn stains prone on the outside window that is exposed to bird droppings, water dirt, minerals, dirt, and grime etc. Few methods are showing below to remove marks on inside-out:

Best Window Cleaner No Streaks

  • For removing such types of streaks, you can use mineral deposit, like CLR. Spray the dirt area with water and mineral deposit, then using a sponge for cleaning.
  • Spray pure vinegar on the glass and keep it at least 5 to 6 minutes. Now, use a hand sponge or microfiber cloths to wash the window.
  • Make a water paste which contains oxalic acid (like Bar Keepers or Zud). Now apply the water paste to the area of the window where needs to clean. After a couple of minutes, wash the area with a microfiber cleaning cloth or a clean pad.
  • Using a razor, you can scrape all gritty or crusty stains easily.

Tips 2: Generally, your children may love to draw scratch or decorate window’s glass with stickers. And sometimes decals are applied on the window’s glass for preventing birds from flying. Actually, removing stickers or decals from your window’s glass is not very easy task. You need to follow the professional way. On the other hand, you can call a professional window cleaner for the solution. Let’s see the professional way to remove decals and strikers from your window.

  • Spray water on the stickers and need to keep it couple minutes. Now, keep a scraper and hold it 45-degree angle against the window and apply pressure gently. Start below in the area with gentle pressure until the sticker fully removes from the window. Use a dry pad or towel to clean the water on the window.

Best Window Cleaner for HomesTips 3: To remove all dirt and dust from the window, you need to clean the screens. It is recommended to clean screens twice a year.

  • Using a spray bottle or a hose that is filled with water, you should spray water on the screens and need to wipe it down. Use a sponge, wipe it ups and downs. You can use vinegar for more shine. Allow the window screens to dry perfectly.

Tips 4: Rinse away grime, pollutants, and dirt from the outer part of a window. By using a garden hose, you can rinse all manner of grease and pollutants from the window glass.

  • If you don’t have a garden hose, you can use powerful water spray bottle to wit the window, then use a squeegee to wipe any types of dirt or pollutants from outside windows.

Tips 5: To prevent spreading grime or dirt during washing the inside windows, you need to make sure that windows frame and each corner will be cleaned at first.

  • Use a dry towel or napkin, to clean up the frame of the windows before starting the middle parts of the window.

Part 2 – Inside and Outside Cleaning Window

best window cleaning solution streak free windowsTips 6: Gather all the tools these are needed to clean window; there are some tools these are needed to do your window washing job in a professional manner:

  • Broom handle or a large brush
  • A squeegee
  • A sponge
  • A bottle liquid window cleaner
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Drying Pad or Large towel
  • Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle
  • A Garden hose (if available)

Tips 7: Buy or make your own window cleaning solution. You will find lots of cleaning solution on market; you can buy one of these solutions for cleaning windows. But if you aren’t really interested to buy any cleaning solution, then it is also possible to make your cleaning solution on your home.

It is so easy to make a cleaning solution, as like mixture of the water and soap. Experts recommend the technique to make window cleaner, is:

  • Mixture of 2 gallons fresh water and 1 teaspoon liquid shop or dishwasher
  • Mixture of the same portion of water and vinegar
  • Mixture of 2 cups of fresh water, quarter (60 ml) cup of isopropyl alcohol, plus 15-grams cornstarch

Tips 8: Without a ladder, it is difficult to clean a high outside window. In this case, you need to use a squeegee with an extension pole. There are also available special types of brush for cleaning high outside window.

  • Spray cleaning solution into the outside glass, use a squeegee or brush with the high extension pole to reach the window from the ground; and then move around the brush on the window glass. Dry the window using a dry pad, before going to the next one.

how do you clean windows without streaksTips 9: After cleaning the window, make sure wiping the windows dry. Because after washing, water stays on the window glass; and for that, there is a possibility to attach external dirt and pollutant to the water. As a result, you won’t able to get a streak free window. In this way, you just waste your time and you need to clean again! So, without drying the window your job can’t be finished.

  • After cleaning, you can wipe water from window glass using a rubber blade on your squeegee. For this purpose, you need to work top to bottom with the squeegee.
  • how to clean windows without streaks using windexIt will be easy for you to purchase a quality squeegee to get dirt-free or streak-free windows. Before buying a squeegee, you must need to focus on the rubber blade which is attached to the squeegee. The rubber blade needs to sharp getting better performance.

Tips 10: Excess water on the window is needed to wash instantly; it will help to prevent streaks or pollutants or dirt on the window.

  • Focus on preventing any damage to the window frame, you need to use a separate microfiber cloth to dry water from the frame and window corner.

Best Combination of Window Cleaning Product

ItemProduct Name
ToolLeifheit 51107 Click System Window Cleaning Tool
FormulaSprayway Glass Cleaner
SqueegeeSuper Squeegee with Microfiber Scrubber and Extension Pole
SpongeScotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge

Last Words

Whenever you are looking for professional window cleaning service, you can go to the professional window cleaning company. But, still, you can do clean your window if you are choosing the best window cleaner. We can ensure you that you will never lose your money to buy out top pick for cleaning your window effectively.

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